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Jaguar Land Rover is a leading global manufacturer of premium cars. Innovation and design provide our customers with exhilarating experiences, anticipating and surpassing their needs and expectations. Quality and excellence are our hallmarks. Taking care of our customers is paramount.


We are committed to respecting the privacy of anyone visiting our websites. This privacy policy explains how we use personal data collected from our websites and informs you of your data protection rights.


We will also keep you informed as new information becomes available in this policy. We will indicate the last update date of this privacy policy so you can take the time to read it if it has changed since your last visit. Last update of the privacy policy: May 9, 2018.




Who we are: By the terms "Jaguar Land Rover," "JLR," "we," "our," or "ours" used in this privacy policy, we refer to Jaguar Land Rover Belux, headquartered at Generaal Lemanstraat 47, 2018 Antwerp, VAT BE 0456 612 553 RPM Brussels.


What this privacy policy covers: This privacy policy covers the identified British and Belgian websites listed in the appendix at the end. For transparency, when you visit a JLR website not covered by this privacy policy, it may be controlled by other entities within the JLR group or by a third party acting on behalf of the group. We encourage you to check the privacy policy link at the bottom of the website you are visiting to view the relevant privacy policy.


How we are regulated: For the purposes of UK data protection legislation, Jaguar Land Rover Limited is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office under registration number ZA020510.


Customer relations center contact details: For any website-related questions, the contact details for Jaguar Land Rover's customer relations center are available on these web pages:


Inquiries related to Jaguar:


Inquiries related to Land Rover:


Inquiries related to any purchase on the Jaguar store:


Inquiries related to any purchase on the Land Rover store:


Learn more about the JLR group...


Jaguar Land Rover is part of a group of companies with the parent company being Jaguar Land Rover Automotive plc. Further information about Jaguar Land Rover is available on our website at:


Jaguar Land Rover is part of the Tata group. Additional information about the Tata group and Tata companies is available here: and



Our websites primarily serve as information portals to help you better understand our cars, products, and services. We also offer several web functions that retrieve information you provide when you request to be informed, added to lists, events, or experiences, or when you purchase products or book/request services.

Main ways of collecting information from our websites:

  • When you visit, use, or interact with our websites, for example, to request or use available online services, find information about an event or experience, or request any other information;
  • When you access personalized web domains and use our websites as a means to communicate with us, such as where you can request personalized reminders, receive information about your vehicle, and/or request vehicle service or other information to notify you;
  • When you provide information or interact with any Jaguar Land Rover career page;
  • When you contact us (via the contact details available on our websites) or send us messages.
  • When you use the web chat and interact with chat operators.
  • Vehicle-related data from independent third-party sources: When you own a JLR vehicle, information about you and your vehicle (including the vehicle identification number or VIN) may be shared, as applicable, among our network of dealers, repairers, importers, credit providers, and credit-related rental product providers. This information is used to inform all personalized web domains you register on. The shared information depends on factors such as the person from whom you purchased your vehicle and the services you request from us during the period you own your vehicle. Refer to section 4 (Sharing your personal data) below for more information. Also, refer to the InControl terms and conditions and our privacy policies (here for Jaguar: and here for Land Rover: to learn more about vehicle-related data and personal data about you that we process in connection with the InControl application.
  • Third-party support services: To ensure the performance of our website services and to allow us to retain relevant data and process ongoing requests, we may receive data about you or your activities on the websites from our companies or third-party providers (e.g., to confirm payments on the websites, track deliveries of orders placed on the websites, support website maintenance). Additional information about our provider categories is available in section 4 (Sharing your personal data) below.
  • Device data: Our websites automatically collect certain device information to optimize your web experience (e.g., by allowing our website to automatically adjust the screen size based on the device you use to browse the site). This data also supports our web analytics. Further information on automated data collection and cookies is available in our cookie policy via this link.
  • Marketing data: Your contact details, marketing preferences, or other information may be shared with us by retailers or other third-party partners, with appropriate notice and in compliance with applicable data protection laws. You have the right to ask us not to use your personal data for marketing purposes. Refer to your data protection rights in section 7 (Your data protection rights) below to learn more.
  • Public data sources: We may use public data sources, for example, to ensure the functioning of the websites (e.g., for authentication purposes or to detect fraud) and/or maintain the accuracy of the data we hold. For example, we may occasionally check with FEBIAC to verify that our vehicle owner information is up to date.

Learn more about the personal data JLR may receive directly...

We receive the information you provide to us when you use our websites, for example, when you fill out online forms or data fields on our websites. We may also receive information about you through other online means, for example, if you comment on our social media pages. This includes information that you can see, such as your name, profession, contact details (e.g., email, postal address, and fixed/mobile phone number), your credit card/payment data, your driver's license information, data about your vehicle, and general information you choose to share, such as your experience with JLR products and services. We also receive data you provide to us at events and fairs. This may include: email address, postal address, and fixed/mobile phone number.



We use personal data to handle and respond to service and information requests, understand the usage of the website, vehicle, and service, and make our products and services (including our web services) as effective as possible.

Learn more about the main uses of your personal data and the legal grounds on which we rely...

Activity: Applicable Legal Grounds:
Maintaining and supporting the use of the website

When using an online service governed by our online terms and conditions (e.g., purchases on online stores or participation in draws and contests), our authorized third parties and we will process data in various ways that support our web services. For example, this may include activities such as identity confirmation, fraud and authentication checks, service delivery, management of draws, contests, membership offers, surveys, and other promotional activities, applicable payment processes, and ongoing customer support and service communications. We may also seek to enhance our services through user experience, reinforcing our internal processes. For instance, we inform you when you contact us (our customer support numbers are available on our websites) that our calls may be recorded for training, audit, and quality purposes.
Necessary for Contract
Handling your requests

We will process data when managing your requests made on or via our websites (e.g., when requesting a brochure, asking to be informed, or filling in any other website data form or data field). We will also process data by providing and managing personalized website experiences.
 When personal data is required for a contract, we will inform you. If this information is not provided, the processing of the requested service becomes impossible.
Optimizing the web experience

When prefilling website data fields to enhance your online experience.
Internal research and development

For research, development, analytics, analysis, and internal reporting purposes, such as monitoring the current vehicle's performance, predicting trends or performance, developing new features, products, and services, or demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements.
Legitimate Interests to Execute Effective Internet Services

Marketing activities

We will ask for your consent for sending communications using electronic means (e.g., email, text), and we may share your information for electronic marketing communications with our network of independent third parties if you provide consent. We will also comply with cookie obligations if using cookies on our website.


Other marketing activities will be assessed based on legitimate interests. For instance, when designing marketing communications or sending targeted marketing messages through posts or social media and other third-party platforms, and providing information about similar products and services to existing customers. To enhance the services we offer via our websites, we may ask you to participate in research activities from time to time. The decision to participate is entirely yours.

We will use profiling and conduct research and analytics activities to enrich our marketing strategies, better understand our customers and visitors, support the advertising of our website, and improve the quality of information on the website, site functionality, and services we provide.

  Legitimate interests to improve and simplify web experiences.
Recordkeeping and general administration

To maintain our records, administer and upkeep our websites, process your requests, and all other internal operations and administrative purposes (e.g., troubleshooting, testing, supporting our audit requirements, and responding to any inquiries you may make, including data protection rights you raise).
Legitimate interests to assess and enhance performance, manage compliance, monitor trends, and develop new products.
Information and network security

To preserve the security of our information and networks, taking measures to protect your data against loss or damage, theft, or unauthorized access. And to ensure relevant server locations (e.g., we may work with third parties to support the appropriate use of cloud services).
Business acquisitions and disposals

Data processed as applicable in the context of business acquisitions or disposals.
Management of legal and regulatory requirements

To manage legal and regulatory requests and requirements, uphold or defend legal rights, or for the prevention/detection of crime (including, if applicable, assisting HMRC, law enforcement agencies such as the police, DVLA, or any other public authority or criminal investigative body, or for the protection of national security).
Note: When we collect your personal data with your agreement, you can revoke your consent at any time through any of these methods. Refer to Section 7 (Withdrawal of Your Consent) below for more information. (This right does not affect the legality of processing based on this consent before its withdrawal.)
Service communications

In case we communicate an urgent safety notice or product recall to you.


We may share your personal data with:

  • Third parties necessary to process them so that we can provide you with the subscribed or requested products and services. For example, to offer financing or credit, insurance, marketing support services, advertising, and optimized website services.


  • Our network of retailers, authorized repairers, and where applicable, our network of importers (together our "retail network"), to fulfill requests for goods, services, etc., and for evaluation and training to improve the quality of services you receive when interacting with our retail network.


  • Companies within the Jaguar Land Rover group in accordance with the data usage outlined in this privacy policy.


  • Third parties in the event of buying or selling businesses or assets.


  • - When required to disclose or share your personal data to comply with any legal or regulatory obligation, or requests, or to enforce these terms or investigate actual or suspected breaches.

We have safeguards in place with our service providers to ensure that your data is securely retained and used in accordance with the purposes stated in this privacy policy.

Learn more about JLR's network of independent third parties...
We work with several independent third parties to provide services, such as our retail network, credit product providers, contractual rental product providers. Personal data may be sent directly to these entities by you (e.g., if you contact them by phone or email or through their web pages), or we may share personal data with them, if necessary, to meet your requests or any other service requirements.


When you use the British websites to find or contact our retail network, credit product provider, or contractual rental product provider, these are (unless otherwise stated) independent companies and not part of the JLR group. Any contact from you (e.g., call or email) and any data you provide to them using their websites will be controlled by them, not by JLR. If you have questions about the use of your personal data by a third party (such as a retailer, importer, credit product provider, contractual rental product provider, or repairer), we recommend contacting these third parties directly.

For information about the independent third parties we work with:
For Jaguar:

  • Our retail network is generally identifiable from the "find a retailer" functionality on the website. They can be searched by name, location, or postal code. A complete list of all dealerships in Belgium is available by clicking here.
  •   - In Belgium, credit is provided by FGAC trading as Jaguar Financial Services.

For Land Rover:

  • Our retail network is generally identifiable from the "find a retailer" functionality on the website. They can be searched by name, location, or postal code. A complete list of all dealerships in Belgium is available by clicking here.
  • In Belgium, credit is provided by FGAC trading as Land Rover Financial Services.


Learn more about the providers...
We rely on several service providers to support our business. These service providers may have access to our systems and data to provide services on our behalf, such as payment processing, IT, hosting services, digital marketing support, customer service and relationship management, system and service specialists, web analytics support, online shipping, delivery, and event and experience support.

Learn more about JLR group companies and how they can provide support...
As a member of the Tata group of companies, we can benefit from the extensive IT infrastructure and expertise that exists within our broader corporate structure. This means that the personal data you provide to us may only be accessed by members of our group of companies if necessary for the maintenance and support of services and systems, overall analytics, business continuity, IT, and administration. For example, when it is necessary to respond to specific website requests or provide technical support to ensure the website's operation.

Learn more about public bodies, law enforcement, and regulatory agencies...
From time to time, the police or other law enforcement and regulatory agencies may request personal data, for example, for crime prevention or detection purposes or the arrest or prosecution of criminals.


Jaguar Land Rover UK websites use servers hosted in the EU. However, we may share personal data from websites with providers or group companies located outside the EU when necessary for the purposes described above. If applicable, we apply protective measures in addition to data protection measures. These measures apply to these data transfers. This includes an assessment of the adequacy of the relevant third country, the use of approved model contract terms by the European Commission where applicable, and an evaluation of privacy shield certification for entities located in the United States where applicable.

Learn more about the adequacy checks JLR has in place for international data transfers...


  • Internal controls to identify the existence or absence of any relevant decisions by the European Commission. We have group companies and use providers located in countries approved by the European Commission as having essentially equivalent data protection laws. The complete list of these countries as of this privacy policy date is as follows: Andorra, Argentina, Canada, Faroe Islands, Guernsey, Israel, Switzerland, Jersey, New Zealand, Uruguay, and Isle of Man. (The European Commission has also approved as relevant the EU/US privacy shield program described below.) This list and information about the protections the European Commission considered are available via this link.


  • -Use of measures such as those approved by the European Commission to support appropriate transfers of personal data. We also have group companies and use providers located in other countries worldwide. To manage data protection compliance with these transfers, we will use data transfer mechanisms approved by the European Commission, such as the use of standard contractual clauses approved by the Commission. We will also assess, where applicable, if a provider can demonstrate that they have binding corporate rules. (Binding corporate rules are a GDPR-recognized data protection mechanism to ensure appropriate transfers of personal data.) We may work with providers who can show that they are certified for privacy protection.
    •   To understand the protections required in the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission, a copy of these is available at this location.
    •   To view the complete list of approved binding corporate rules, click on this link.
    •   The full list of participants in privacy protection, along with their certification information for privacy protection, is available from this web link.


We will retain your personal data for as long as necessary to provide the products and services you have subscribed to. We may also keep them to comply with legal obligations, address inquiries, resolve disputes, uphold our legitimate interests, and enforce our rights.


The criteria we use to determine retention periods include the information communicated about retention periods on our website or in the general terms of the website. We will also consider applicable contractual provisions, legal prescription periods, applicable regulatory requirements, and industry standards.


You have rights regarding your personal data, including: withdrawing your consent, being informed and accessing your personal data, correcting or completing inaccurate data, and in certain circumstances, limiting, requesting erasure, objecting to processing, or requesting the portability of your personal data to another organization.


For any inquiries regarding your data protection rights, contact us at, indicating in the subject that it concerns your data protection rights.


If you are dissatisfied and have a data protection-related complaint, directly contact our Data Protection Officer at If you remain unsatisfied, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.


For more information on data protection rights, refer to the following.

Learn more about my data rights...

  • If you have given us your consent to process your personal data, including for electronic marketing communications, you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. Simply use the unsubscribe options provided, notably in the electronic marketing communications we send you.
  • You can request access to the personal data we hold about you, object to their processing, request correction of errors, limitation, or cessation of data processing, or deletion of data. If you ask us to delete data or cease processing, we may not always be obliged to do so, and if that's the case, we will explain why.
  • In certain circumstances, you can request that we provide your personal data in a usable electronic format and transmit it to a third party (right to data portability). This right only applies in certain circumstances, and we will explain why.

Learn more about how to contact the supervisory authority for privacy and data protection (Information Commissioner's Office, ICO)...

The Privacy Commission is the supervisory authority for privacy and data protection in Belgium. If you have questions or wish to file a complaint regarding how JLR processes your personal data, contact the Privacy Commission as follows:

- Visit the website:

- Call 02 274 48 00

- or in writing at Rue de la Presse 35, 1000 Brussels.



Our website may contain links to other sites managed by organizations we do not control. This policy does not apply to these other websites. We encourage you to read their privacy statements. We are not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of other websites and applications (even if you access them using the links we provide), and we provide links to these sites for information and convenience only. We expressly disclaim any responsibility for their content, privacy practices, and terms of use, and we make no mention, representation, or promise regarding their accuracy, content, or rigor.


We will take all reasonably necessary measures to ensure that your data is processed securely and in accordance with this privacy policy.


We require all our service providers to have appropriate measures to maintain the security of your information.


When we have given you (or you have chosen) a password enabling you to access any personalized page of a JLR website, you are responsible for keeping this password confidential. We ask you not to share your password with third parties.


Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the Internet is not entirely secure. While we do our best to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted online; any transmission is at your own risk. Your information will be stored in a secure environment protected by a combination of physical and technical measures such as encryption technologies or authentication systems to prevent any loss, misuse, alteration, disclosure, destruction, theft, or unauthorized access.


JLR Websites Covered by This Privacy Policy


This privacy policy covers the websites identified below. These are JLR websites for which Jaguar Land Rover Limited is responsible.


Jaguar Land Rover is responsible for processing the personal data you provide to us through these websites:


his privacy policy does not cover all JLR websites, and we always encourage you to click on the privacy policy link of the website you are visiting to read the privacy information that applies to that website.


In particular, note that the following websites have their own terms and privacy policy and are currently not covered by this privacy policy.

InControl Websites:

These are websites for which Jaguar Land Rover Limited is also responsible, but they have separate and distinct website terms and privacy policies.

British Motor Museum Website:

The entity responsible for this website is not Jaguar Land Rover but a separate entity within the JLR group. Therefore, this site has its own separate and distinct privacy policy.


Independent Companies We Do Not Control:

When you access third-party sites from our websites, such as a retailer, a repairer, an importer, a credit product provider, or a contract hire product provider, these are independent third parties not part of the JLR group. This means that JLR no longer controls and has no responsibility (and in some cases, even visibility) regarding the data you provide to these third parties. Even if these websites refer to the name of JLR.

Websites We Do Not Control:

When you visit the following websites:

Note that these sites are not covered by this privacy policy and will be governed by their own privacy policy.